Discovering a Culture of Wellness

Struggle does not define you
Stop simply surviving and start thriving.
Coaching is an empowering model for creating lasting change.

iEvolve Recovery Coaching

To empower individuals, families and communities who are struggling with destructive behaviour disorders, substance abuse, chronic illness, social and family breakdown and mental health conditions.  

Recovery coaching is future-focused. The coaching relationship is to facilitate change and create solution-based recovery to support everyone in the system taking them to a place of functional wellness.

I deeply value the opportunity to work with families and offer empathy and understanding instead of disapproval.

What I Offer

My philosophy at iEvolve Recovery is we all have the fundamental birthright to choose the life we desire and to live it with curiosity, generosity and within the pillars we value


  • Systemic Recovery Coaching Model
  • Identification Of Values, Needs and Wants
  • SMART / GROW model
  • SCARF model
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Transformation From Culture Of Addiction To A Culture Of Wellness
  • Trauma Induced Reduction, Unblockings.
  • Life Stress Reduction.


  • Weekly Support Groups
  • Unplugged Story Telling
  • Lifestyle Group Events
  • Therapeutic Process Work
  • Working a Program of Recovery
  • Referals To A Team Of Professionals


  • Self Discovery Workshop
  • Body Mapping Workshop
  • Feelings and Thoughts Workshop
  • Family Workshop
  • Staying In Your Own Lane Workshop
  • Shame Workshop
  • Anxiety Workshop
  • Storylab Workshops


  • Family Intervention Assistance With Loved Ones In Addiction
  • Constructive and Loving Confrontation
  • Systematic System
  • Rehabilitation/Care Center Negotiation & Facilitation
  • Family Coaching Sessions
  • Addiction Knowledge
  • Support Groups
  • Family Workshops


  • Traumatic events
  • Unwanted feelings
  • Phobias
  • Sensations
  • Pains
  • Emotions


She is an amazing coach and leaves no stone unturned to work through

…. different and thorough processes in order to bring release and freedom of trauma related experiences.

She assisted me with trauma incurred through my youngest son’s 12-year journey with substance abuse. He had a close death encounter through a suicide attempt with which she assisted me through thorough and effective coaching. He also saw her for a few sessions and she was very instrumental in helping him shift issues in his life and going for further rehabilitation programs.

She has made a huge difference in my life and has assisted me to shift deep routed emotional trauma.

Dianne Vos

Charissa has coached and empowered me to take safe risks, move into action and take a leap

What struck me the most was how well she related to me; which made me feel safe and open up. Using various release techniques to integrate those memories and release stuck energy. This process has really supported me in letting go and opening up space for new things.

She has also been one of the first people to have recognised and called me out of a place of self-isolating.

I have become far more productive on many levels. She is a strong, caring woman and I strongly recommend working with her.


I believe that Charissa has the capacity to effect change in many people's lives

I have had the privilege of working with Charissa on her journey towards her Professional Recovery Coach Certification.

Charissa was an exceptional student. Dedicated and committed to the process. She has valuable lived experience and is very compassionate and empathetic towards people suffering.

Charissa has a keen interest in Trauma and I believe this is where her speciality lies.

Charissa is determined and believes in her clients wholeheartedly, she has the ability to make her clients feel safe and build a solid strong container around her clients.

I believe that Charissa has the capacity to effect change in many people’s lives and have no doubt the positive impact that she will make in her clients.

Nikki Edwards

Her positive energy and humour brings a lightness and manageability to serious work.

Charissa sees possibility in surprising places and has the commitment and discipline to move potential towards performance.

Besides her professional passion for coaching tennis, I know her extraordinary capacity to do the deep work of being authentically all she can be – and like the true coach she is, use her experience to motivate and inspire others.


Charissa has helped me to focus on myself and access the thing inside us that ultimately wants to give us the organic feeling of direction we all want

The exercises we went through were particularly helpful for me, because they often focused on being harshly specific about behaviour, labels, and reality.

Charissa’s personal and unquestioning concern for and interest in my life means the world to me, and I’m not sure where I would be without her focused and compassionate human interest. I will always seek out her opinion on matters of inner peace, relationships, or just how to keep a good “flow”.

I’m still working hard on living more purposefully, from my own core truth or Élan vital. For me it was always there, but shrouded in confusion from those aspects of life that either hit you over the head, or that dripped on your forehead, year after year.

Kerrin Naude



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