Ancient Chinese wisdom believes that letting out a loud yell is beneficial to one’s health and have passed on the practice from generation to generation which has become a part of their folk culture.

The method involves standing in a warrior pose and screaming as loud as you possibly can. It gives a person a way to release anger and frustration and takes the edge off from any anxiety.

Screaming has a cathartic effect. When we shout, our body releases “feel good” chemicals endorphins which give us a natural high. It can become addictive similar to a runner’s high and leave a person feeling calm and serene.

I have met a friend for years where we have discussed this concept of screaming and we have a ritual that has become a scream session with a group of willing screamers who have all felt the positive effects.

So next time you feel the urge to let out a scream, head to a scream session and let it out. It does one better to vocalise that built-up tension than to keep it stifled up and suppressed inside. Connecting with the negative emotion, feeling it, and releasing it via screaming is a positive and effective way to surrender and let it all go.

Happy screaming!